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June 18, 2016

I've recently released six collections that are titled "J Alan Erwine's Tales of..." Each is available as an individual e-book or as a print book from all of the usual sources. The six e-books are available from me for just $11, which isn't much when you consider that six e-books would usually run quite a bit more. To order your copies, please go to http://jalanerwine.com/blog/product/j-alan-erwines-tales-bundle/.

Order e-books and individual e-stories directly from me.

I've edited a new anthology, titled A Robot, a Cyborg, and a Martian Walk into a Space Bar, and Nomadic Delirium Press is currently running a Kickstarter to support it. Please help fund the book by going to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1521750492/a-robot-a-cyborg-and-a-martian-walk-into-a-space-b

My new short story collection, Where the Fleet of Stars is Anchored is now available from Alban Lake Publishing at http://store.albanlake.com/product/where-the-fleet-of-stars-is-anchored/

Taurin Tales is a shared world anthology featuring some of the top names in small press science fiction. The Taurins were created by science fiction writer, editor, and game designer J Alan Erwine. Once he had created them, he invited some of his favorite writers to play in the universe, and further flesh out these new aliens. Thus was born Taurin Tales.

The stories in this collection cover a large aspect of Taurin life…grand space adventures, small character studies, the tackling of difficult social issues, the past and the future of the Taurins.

Included in this collection, you’ll find David Lee Summers, D. Moonfire, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Tyree Campbell, Anna Paradox, Laura Givens, and Rick Novy.

To order a copy, go to http://nomadicdeliriumpress.com/taurin.htm

Many of my stories are now available as individual e-books, selling for just 99 cents, and some will even be free. You can find them at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/jaerwine. They will also be available on Kindle, and from most other e-book retailers. Right now, there are just a few available, but I will be make more available as I have time. Enjoy the stories!

The Martian Wave 2014 is now available
Order from Nomadic Delirium Press
Order the e-book version
Order from Amazon
Order from Barnes & Noble

My short story, An Eternity in Limbo, in the anthology A Kepler's Dozen. You can order your copy here

The Martian Wave: 2013, which I edited is now available.

The 2013 issue of The Martian Wave, now being published by Nomadic Delirium Press, brings you stories and poems that look at the exploration and colonization of the universe, with a special focus on our solar system. In this issue, you'll find colonists being stalked on an alien world, murder, dangerous missions to planetary moons, and aliens, lots of aliens, meddling in human evolution. Every story and poem will make you wonder whether we should be leaving our homeworld to face the dangers of the universe, and the answer will be...

You can order it from any of the following:
Nomadic Delirium Press
Barnes & Noble
Smashwords (e-book)

My newest RPG, The Battle for Turtle Island: Buffalo Wars is now available.

You can order it from any of the following:
Nomadic Delirium Press
Order the e-book

My third novel, A Problem in Translation, is now available.

If you'd like to read the first chapter, you can find it at http://www.jalanerwine.com/translation.htm.

The book can be ordered at any of these locations...

Order from Sam's Dot

Order the e-book

Order from Barnes & Noble

Order from Amazon

My short story "And the Lamb and the Lion Shall Not Lie Down Together" appears in the new anthology A Taste of Armageddon from WolfSinger Publications.

The Amazon link for Red Moon Rising is http://www.amazon.com/dp/0982897588. I hope you'll all pick up a copy.

My new novel, Red Moon Rising is now available for order at The Sam's Dot Bookstore. The e-book version is now available at Smashwords, and it will be available from other e-book distributors soon.

The first chapter can be read for free at http://www.jalanerwine.com/rmrch1.htm.

You can pick up e-book versions of three of my books...
Seedlings on the Solar Winds
The Opium of the People
Marionettes on the Moon

DriveThru SciFi now has three of my books available as e-books. You can order Seedlings on the Solar Winds, The Opium of the People, and Marionettes on the Moon. All of the prices are discounted significantly from the trade paperback price.

The Ephemeris RPG and several supplements are available as e-books through DriveThru RPG at http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/index.php?filters=0_0_0_0_0&manufacturers_id=2805 or from The Genre Mall at http://www.genremall.com/nomadicdelirium.htm.

As promised, although much later than I'd intended, here is the Amazon link to purchase the Ephemeris RPG rulebook...http://www.amazon.com/dp/0980170311

The Ephemeris RPG is now available for regular orders. Go to http://www.nomadicdeliriumpress.com/ephemeris/main.htm and order your copy today. Once we have an Amazon link, I will post that here as well.

I've now made it possible for you to order individual stories. Simply go to http://www.jalanerwine.com/stories/index.htm and you can order stories in groups of three or five. It's $2 for three stories or $3 for five stories. The stories will be delivered to your e-mail box as PDF files.


Click on the links below for all of the information you might be looking for. In addition, you can read some of my work and see where my short stories have been published.


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If you want to contact me, you can reach me at jerwine at jalanerwine.com. Sorry, no hyperlinks, trying to cut down on the annoying spam.


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