J Erwine was born Oct. 15, 1969 in Akron, Ohio.† Early in his life he was exposed to science, and specifically astronomy.† From there on, Jís passion turned to science fiction, a passion thatís never died.


Due to family issues, J eventually found himself in Denver, Colorado, where he still lives (well, right outside now.)


From the time he could put subject and predicate together on paper, J has been writing stories.† None of those early stories exist anymore (thankfully), but that passion for writing has never waned.


After several years of rejection, the story Trek for Life was eventually sold to ProMart Writing Lab editor James Baker.† It wasnít Asimovís, but it was a start.† Since that time J has sold more than forty short stories to various small press publishers.† In addition ProMart also published a short story collection of Jís entitled Lowering Oneís Self Before Fate, and other stories, which is still available.† ProMart also published a novel from J entitled The Opium of the People, which sold a few copies before going out of print.


The relevance of the novel after the events of September 11th caused J to self-publish the novel, as he felt the story had a lot to say in the new reality we now find ourselves living in. Now, this same book has been re-released by Nomadic Delirium Press.


Eventually J would become an editor with ProMart.† Then, after the untimely death of ProMart editor James Baker, J would move on to ProMartís successor Samís Dot Publishing, and J now runs his own publishing house, Nomadic Delirium Press.

J now has three novels available as well as several short story collections. He also has created two RPGs, Ephemeris and The Battle for Turtle Island. In addition, J has edited several anthologies, and currently is editing two magazines, and will soon be editing even more anthologies.


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