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America as a fascist state, soldiers driven to terrorism, insane computers, insane humans, insane aliens, these are just some of the things waiting for readers in the pages of this new collection from prize winning science fiction author J Alan Erwine.

Seedlings on the Solar Winds contains sixteen stories that will have readers question what reality really is, and wondering what the future of humanity might be.

"J Alan Erwine is a master at placing believable characters into plausible, and often dark, futures. In the process, he unflinchingly explores what is both base and noble about humanity." - David Lee Summers, editor Tales of the Talisman and author of Heirs of the New Earth.

"...Erwine always presents a banquet of plots and characters [not all of them human], generously seasoned with pith. You can relish him as the main course in your reading, or save him for dessert..." - Tyree Campbell, author of Nyx and The Dog at the Foot of the Bed.
$10.99 + $3.00 S&H


I have a few copies of my illustrated short story A Problem in Translation available. Order them now while you can...

Understanding aliens will be difficult, but what if those aliens use a language that involves more than the spoken world, and what if the other aliens you meet bow down to the difficult to understand aliens. Originally published in Alternate Realities, A Problem in Translation is now available as an illustrated storybook from Sam's Dot Publishing. With wonderful illustrations from Teri Santitoro and Janis Marshall.

This story is also the inspiration for the novel I'm currently working on...
$4.00 + 1.50 S&H


A collection of my early stories, all bound into one volume. Microbes on Mars, Taoists under attack, geneticists taking over America. It's all here, and everything in between.
$13.95 + $3.00 S&H


After a near miss of a giant comet, the American people fall under the control of a radical right-wing fundamentalist Christian government, ruled by the Grand Patriarchs, that slowly strips away their freedoms and establishes a rule of law that even the dictatorships of the 20th Century couldn't have dreamed up.

Forced into virtual seclusion, Edward Silverberg, a former English Lit professor, finds himself on a path that will lead to either his destruction or the destruction of the Grand Patriarchs...or maybe both.
$14.99 + $3.00 S&H


Buy Lowering One's Self Before Fate and The Opium of the People together for $22.00 + $5.00 S&H


Do humans control their destiny, or are they merely victims of the circumstances that surrond them?
A new collection of short stories from prize winning SF author J Alan Erwine examines whether we have freedom of choice, or are merely puppets on strings subject to the whims of the universe. Marionettes on the Moon features 13 short stories, including the never before published title novelette.
$8.95 + $3.00 S&H


Buy Lowering, Opium, and Marionettes together for $30.00 + 7.00 S&H


Order any of these books via mail using a pdf form.

Also, now available...Ecotastrophe edited by me.
A collection of short stories and poetry that examines futures we could face if we continue to damage Earth's ecology.
The oceans are dying and only despearte measures can save them in Jan Mortimer's "The Empty Ocean."
Michelle Mellon's "Undiscovered Horizons" questions whether we can truly find the answers out among the stars.
Or can we only hope to change the future by changing the past as Rebecca S.W. Bates postulates in "Walking the River"?
Also featuring the works of JE Gurley, Bruce Boston, E. Catherine Tobler, Kristine Ong Muslim, Adam Banks, and others. Ecotastrophe is a grim but illuminating view of several possible ecological futures for humanity.
$10.00 + $2.00 S&H


Crime has always been with us, and probably always will be. Future Syndicate looks at what the future of crime might be, and what criminals might be like in the future.
Featuring the works of Jason Sizemore, Bret Tallman, Jason Andrew, Rebecca S.W. Bates, J Alan Erwine, Lavie Tidhar, Bruce Horner, and Rebecca M. Senese, Future Syndicate gives you eight distinct views of what crime might become...
$13.99 + $3.00 S&H


James Bruce Baker was best known as the editor and publisher of ProMart Publishing, but he was more than that. Jim was also a poet, a novelist, a short story writer, and an opinionated essayist.
Just Becuase is a collection of his stories, poems, and essays put together as a tribute to a man who did so much for the small press, and so much for so many small press writers, poets, and artists.
Jim dreamed of mankind going to space, and he dreamed of the human race improving itself and finally growing up. Here you will find just a sampling of his blueprint.
$14.99 + $3.00 S&H


The best stories and poem from the 2005 on-line editions of The Fifth Di..., The Martian Wave, and Aoife's Kiss.
Featuring the works of: Benny Grezlik, Daniel C. Smith, Tyree Campbell, Terrie Leigh Relf, Abby Goldsmith, Bruce Boston, Gail Kavanagh, JE Gurley, Marsheila Rockwell, t. santitoro, Mikal Trimm, Scott Virtes, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Adam Banks, Kristine Ong Muslim, Nicholas Scipior, Philip Reyth, J Alan Erwine, Jennifer Schwabach, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Adam La Rusic, Edward Cox, and Nancy Bennett.
$12.00 + 3.00 S&H

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