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J Alan Erwine's Blog

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Stuck at the Edge
Captain Jamieson and the crew of the SFS Lincoln have been sentenced to patrol duty in the Kuiper Belt after failing a mission that they had no chance of succeeding at. Now, as morale plunges on the ship, the young Ensign Al-Afadil makes a discovery that won't only change the fortunes of the crew, but will forever change everything humanity knows about itself.

One Night At Sharon's
Sharon's is the most popular bar in all of the Solar Federation, and the owner, Sharon, has become the most popular character in the Solar Federation series. Now, take a look at one night in her bar. You'll see some familiar faces and you'll learn more about Sharon and her trusty dog, Sonny.

A Thin Line
The SFS Arizona has been shot down by rebels, and has crashed on the asteroid Hygeia. The ship is dying and so is her crew. Captain John Lee is faced with trying to save his crew, knowing that the rebels are still out there. Can he save any of his crew, or will the rebels return to finish them off before he can figure out what needs to be done?

Marie Haggerman is a new ensign fresh out of Solar Federation academy. She's ready to take on the solar system, but she knows there will be challenges...she just doesn't expect her first challenge to be a commanding officer that seems to hate her from the moment he meets her. Not sure what to do, she finds herself in a bar on Artemis Station, and there she finds the friend she didn't know she needed.

Mission Unknown
The Solar Federation Series is a new series of stories by prize-winning science fiction author J Alan Erwine. The series will explore a future federation that spans the solar system, and this is the first story in the series.
In Mission Unknown, Captain Jamieson and his crew are sent on a mission that only he knows the true meaning of. Worrying about sabotage and crew revolt, the Captain tries to keep the mission a secret for as long as possible, but what happens when the crew discovers the true nature of their mission, and what could happen if they fail...or if they succeed?

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